Write a Check Campaign

The PTSO helps helps our school purchase technology, programs and materials that are not in their budget.  Unlike other organizations, CHS PTSO does not want your children having to go door to door selling items. Instead we ask every parent to support our school with a one time gift.


The generous donations made by parents last year (2018-19) were used to purchase items for Coppell HS such as:

• Wired tablet keyboards with stands for English Classes.

• Anatomy in Clay Training sessions for Career & Technical Education – Health Science & Anatomy/Physiology Educators

• Breakout EDU School bundle (escape room kit/software) school-wide use at CHS9

• License to utilize IXL Math platform (personalized learning program which allows educators to track data) and a bookshelf for Special Education Math Resource Educators

• Styluses for iPad use in Math

• Graphing Calculator Caddies to store/transport graphing calculators

• Graphic Novels for the Library

• Microwaves

• Backdrop for photographing student artwork in Art

• Wireless spectrometers for AP Chemistry

• Portable speaker for PE and Dance Classes

• AEDs for CHS

• Printer for the Theater Department

• Tables with casters for a flexible learning environment in a special education classroom

• Over the ear headphones for use during English class

• Interactive Digital Life Skills Task Boxes, a counter top oven/extension cord for life skills lessons, oil pastels/cards, card stock for Kindness Card business, a utility cart and ladder for use in special education class.

• Books & Chinese Checkers for Chinese Class

• Wacom Intuos Pro Medium Tablet for Visual Art

• Replacement MacBooks available to learners in the library






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